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Process Event Analyzer

The PM Event Analyzer™ is a visual data analysis tool that helps process engineers make sense of massive volumes of data stored in a data historian - providing a short cut to determining the causes of upsets.  The Event Analyzer is a valuable tool for Six-Sigma analysis.

Press Room (PR) Video

PR Video is not just a diagnostic tool for printing press operations. The system incorporates reporting and classification tools, making it easy to store, sort and manipulate event records for future statistical analysis. This supports process improvement initiatives such as Six Sigma.

PM Video Cameras
NuSoft Video Cameras

Press Room Example Shots
NuSoft Press Room Example Shots

The ability to capture video images at high speed allows problems to be diagnosed immediately, leading to savings through reduced downtime, less wastage, and less chance of a missed diagnosis – resulting in improved productivity.


Spectroscopic Measurement Solutions

Partnering with R.E. Hodges, LLC., NuSoft provides installation, commissioning and training services for R. E. Hodges’ wide range of spectroscopic solutions for challenging online measurement problems in the process industries.  Current industry segments include: Dairy, Food and Beverage, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Polymers, Pulp & Paper and Specialty Chemicals.

To see a demo of the Duralyzer-NIR Analyzer or the Duralyzer-NIR Benchtop Analyzer click the appropriate demo button.

Duralyzer NIR Analyzer

Duralyzer NIR Benchtop Analyzer

Duralyzer Training CD
NuSoft Duralyzer Training CD

Benchtop Duralyzer Training CD
NuSoft Benchtop Duralyzer Training CD

Soft Sensor Predictive Models

Soft sensors for property predictions have been used for many years.  NuSoft has provided services to develop and deploy these applications for ten years.  Many customers use these predictors as indicators of variables that are measured only by lab tests, or variables that are measured infrequently by sampling sensors.  In some cases, these models have been used to determine the salability of final products.

Model Predictive Control

Model predictive control is a technique that utilizes a model of the process to predict the trajectory of a process based upon a proposed change.  The predicted steps are then implemented in controlled manner with adjustments being made continuously when the process deviates from the proposed path.  Working with our partner, Conmark Systems, Inc., this type of control has been implemented for causticizing systems and for continuous digesters using a standard MPC controller interfacing to existing control systems utilizing an OPC interface.

Alarm Management Systems

Alarm Management is a mechanism for recapturing lost production and increasing capacity. NuSoft is a partner with the leading Alarm Management System provider, TiPS, Inc., providing software, installation services, system design and integration along with performing alarm rationalization as needed.  In this way, improved information and resources are available to operations, empowering them to maintain normal operating conditions.

Alarm Management System

Available Training CDs
  • Capture
  • netView
  • ACE
  • TRAC

AutoSave Change Management Software

At times, not knowing the “right” state of a programmable device, can result in down time and lost profits.  NuSoft provides services to install and commission MDT Software, Inc. Autosave™ product provided through WingTip, LLC.  AutoSave is an enterprise source management solution to protect, save, restore, discover and track changes in industrial programmable devices and documents.

Restaurant Seating Management Systems

As a sales and service partner of TableCheck Technologies, Inc., NuSoft can help restaurant owners and managers improve their performance.  The TableCheck Seating Management System is designed to turn tables faster so the restaurant can make more profit, reduce labor costs and provide better customer service to restaurant guests and customers.

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